Thank you for visiting our webpage that provides all the information you need regarding Temecula Electricians. If you are searching for a Temecula electrician who is certified and experienced, then take your time and look through our services to find the one that is best suited for your needs. In addition to Temecula, we also provide Riverside electricians, Murrieta electricians, Corona electricians, and electricians in Menifee, CA. Our electricians, throughout the region, are all trained on the same baseline, so you will receive consistent work no matter who is on the job.

About Us

We have been a valuable electrician company in Temecula, CA for several years where we have established a solid customer base. Service companies do not always maintain repeat customers but our dedication to providing elite customer interaction, within all aspects of our company, has given us the ability to maintain a consistent customer base. Trust us to be your electricians and join the growing number of customers who choose us over all other companies.

Temecula, CA

Temecula Electricians

We are an all-inclusive electrician company who provide a variety of services to include, but not limited to, wiring services, surge protection, and panel upgrades. Our company has electricians who are cross-trained and skilled in a variety of disciplines to ensure that every electrician is able to provide the same service as all the others. If there is an electrical service that you need, that is not listed, then please contact us to discuss your situation directly.

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Electrical Troubleshooting

A flickering lightbulb or a breaker that repeatedly trips could be an indication of a more severe electrical problem that requires electrical troubleshooting. We would love nothing more than to start with an inkling of a problem and chase it down to the heart of the problem. Our staff is dedicated to quality work, and diving into the heart of an electrical issue is the kind of problem solving that we love to do.

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Wiring Services

Wiring services are usually reserved for new construction, but occasionally, old homes with antiquated wiring need to be updated and modernized. If you need an electrician in Temecula, CA who can provide wiring services on new construction, then schedule us to receive quality and consistent work throughout the length of the project. For older homes that need to be updated to modern regulations, then we are ready to tackle that project too.

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Panel Upgrades

The chances that your electrical panel is ill-equipped to handle the demands of your modern world, is highly probable if you live in a home that is older than 10 years old. A panel upgrade improves the generally used 60-amp panel to one that is more capable for the electric demands in our modern world. We can upgrade to 100 or 200-amp panels based on your home and your electrical needs

“I was looking for a company to provide wiring services to our commercial build. I looked for electricians in Corona, CA and discovered that Temecula Electricians service our area, too. We requested a bid and their cost was perfect for our project. These guys were able regularly rotate their crew, and since all the electricians had the same baseline for their training, there was never any confusion or lost time. They were excellent to work with and will be my go to for electrician needs in the future.” – Shane P

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“We bought an electric car and were tired of trying to find ways to charge it. My co-worker recommended Temecula Electricians, so I gave them a call. They were able to install a fully functioning charge port in our home within a couple days. I have seen no problems or faults in our existing electricity and am happy with the output of our charge port. This company is very professional and were easy to work with.” – Nick M

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“I had never heard about panel upgrades until recently. It never dawned on me that my devices could demand more power than my home could output. I did some research for Menefee, CA electricians and found that Temecula Electricians service our area. It was reassuring being able to talk to a live person when I called their office, and the entire process of the panel upgrade was enjoyable from the first conversation. I will never use a different electrician company as long as I live here.” – Lucy D

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Surge Protection

Whole home surge protection takes the traditional understanding of surge protectors and amplifies it to your home. We install a surge protection system near the breaker that is used to protect all the appliances that are powered by your home. It is a very valuable service that provides you with the assurance that your valuable appliances will not be harmed during a power surge.

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Lighting Services

Lighting can alter the mood of a yard, bathroom, kitchen, or provide the security you seek as you look out into your driveway at night. Lighting is a service that we take great pride in designing since it can create such a drastic difference to your home. Whether you are needing updated bathroom fixtures or improved security lighting, our electricians in Temecula, CA can help. Contact us for a custom project that is best-suited for your needs.

Electrical Installations

Do you have an electric car that needs a way to charge? Or perhaps you like the idea of having an emergency power source? We can do the installation on these systems. Electrical installations require tapping into your current power grid and routing the electricity to somewhere else. This can be very dangerous if not done properly, so it is best to have a certified electrician staff perform the installation.

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This is a picture of an electrical installations.

Contact Us

Contact us through our main office phone line to receive the most expedient service. Our phones are manned constantly during our regularly scheduled business hours, so you know that you will get to speak with a live human when you call us. Email inquiries are better for slower responses that may not need as much detail.