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This is a picture of a man having a phone call.

Contact our main phone line for immediate assistance. We are committed to having a person who mans the phone throughout the day during our regularly scheduled business hours. This guarantees that our phone will be answered by a real person when you call. For the fastest response, please reach out to our office phone. Management and office personnel are available on this phone line to answer any questions or concerns that you have. If you have complaints, we ask that you contact our management first, to discuss what went wrong, so we can provide a solution.

Our electricians in the field will usually contact you when they are in route to your location. They want to initiate contact to be certain that the contact is on site and will be ready for the workers. Additionally, prolonged work will require regular contact between the electrician in the field and the customer. We won’t bombard you with calls from other sources but will rely on our electricians as the main point of contact between the office and customer. They will have the most up to date information on which phase the job is in, so will be the best source to speak with. For less-immediate needs or for general knowledge about our services then use the email link to contact us via email. This will not be a source of contact for an expedient response time, but we will get to your email inquiry as soon as possible.

Temecula, CA