Electrical Installations

This is a picture of an electrical installations service.

Adding a room onto your house? Looking for a way to charge that sleek electric car? Then don’t wait any longer to receive electrical installation. We specialize in taking your current electrical system and focusing it towards your new installation. It requires advanced knowledge to install a new schematic without damaging your already established system. A person who is not knowledgeable about tapping into your current electrical system can cause serious damage that could require completely replacing all of your wiring. Trust Temecula Electricians as the premier electricians in the Temecula area for new electrical installation.

Car Charging Ports

It sounds simple. Take a cord, twist it into existing wiring, and have a car port for your new electric car. Although, it is simple when you know what you are doing, it is not something that can be learned online. Improper installation of your car charging port can harm both your home and vehicle. Electricity works in thresholds. Your car will have a threshold of current that is requires for charging, and a threshold that can significantly damage it. An improper car port can overcome that threshold and harm your precious new car or cause a surge that destroys your home.

Home Additions

That new bedroom that is being added on is very exciting. You can’t wait to transform it into the new master bedroom with all the space and lighting that you have always dreamt of. We want that dream to become a reality with electricity that works the way it is supposed to. Do you want two dozen outlets? We can do that, although it is largely unnecessary. Don’t continually short your breaker out with improperly connected wiring when you select us as the electricians of choice to correctly install the electrical components to your add on.

Grid Comprehension

The electrical grid in your neighborhood is specially designed to handle a finite amount of work. An overburdened system will create the risk of surges and could stress it beyond its capabilities. We understand this concept and know what your grid is capable of. Therefore, any new install that we place in your home will be within the guidelines of your current grid and private system to ensure that the power keeps running. Our company will keep you from being the reason why your neighbors are without electricity by reviewing your grid and properly installing whatever you want.

Backup Power Source

Whether you are concerned about natural disasters or zombie attacks knocking out your power, you can rely on us to have a backup power source installed. We will create a power source that runs independent of the power grid and your home. This way you always have power regardless of the situation that you find yourself in. Be prepared for any event that sits on the horizon when you have us install a fully-functioning power source that will run through any situation. Our electricians are the best in the business and will always strive to provide quality customer service. Check out much more details about us.

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