Panel Upgrades

This is a picture of a panel upgrades aervice.

A panel is a term that refers to your circuit breaker. Most circuit breakers are 60-amp which were designed to handle the basic necessities of a home. The fridge, stove, box television, and occasional hairdryer were some items that were thought of as the panel was installed. iPads, cellphones, and a plethora of electronics weren’t even considered at the time the panel was installed. We are demanding more from our system now. A panel upgrade won’t create a lot of difference in your daily life, but the heart of your electrical system will appreciate the power update to handle the stresses placed on it.

What is a Panel Upgrade?

A panel upgrade is similar putting a larger engine in your vehicle. If you are driving a large, steel car with a 4-cylinder engine, then you will feel how underpowered it is as tries to climb a hill. When that engine is upgraded to a larger engine, then that same hill will be far easier to climb. Your car will run better and be less-bogged down. This is what a panel upgrade is. Your system will be prepared to handle a higher volume of amps passing through it.

Panels for Today

Amps that run through electrical systems tend to not be very patient. They will emit current with the hopes that their demands are immediately met. When you plug your phone in, turn on that massive television, and fire up two computers, every outlet will be demanding current be sent to the device that it needs to power. 60-amp panels will try to keep up with the demand, but the stress placed on them will be astronomical. Our panel upgrades are 100 or 200-amps. These panels will alleviate the stress and let the current flow with more ease.

Is it necessary?

Anything that is stressed for too long is at risk for a meltdown. In people, our bodies shutdown, in cars, the engines. In your home, the breaker will be the thing that fails. Although, most of them are designed to avoid starting a fire, that doesn’t mean that they won’t fail and cause a system crash. You could be susceptible to a large surge if your circuit breaker fails. Every breaker is a little different and it largely depends on the amount of stress that has been placed on it, but it is generally a good idea to have your panel upgraded.

Cost Effective

We provide cost-effective installations that won’t take an entire month’s paycheck. The safety of your system and the electrical grid in your area of town is the reason we want to upgrade panels. Cost is part of the job and we will do the best we can to keep our expenses down. Some of the ways we do this is to be equipped with the right tools for the job, have the appropriate knowledge, and arrive on time. We will be there to start the job when we say we are going to. No wasted hours or hidden charges.

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