Our Services

This is a picture of a Temecula electricians services.

We provide electrical services around the Temecula, CA area. From AC electric work to panel upgrades, we are the company that is prepared to work for you. Our desire is to provide the best electrical work in the city and be the go to company for all your electric needs. Let us inspect your system and determine what is outdated and how we can upgrade it. We do wiring services on new builds and old homes that need to be brought up to modern standards. Additionally, we can inspect a problematic room or home to determine why you have having flickering lights and a continuously tripped breaker. Our troubleshooting skills are second to none and we actually enjoy the process of chasing down an electrical issue.

If you are living in an older home with an underpowered 60-amp panel, then contact us for a panel upgrade. We will provide an upgrade that alleviates the stress on your system with a panel that is equipped to deal with the power demands of the modern world. While we are upgrading your panel, why not have us install a surge protection that protects your entire home. Don’t risk your advanced appliances or television by having a surge protection system that protects your entire house. No matter the service, we are equipped to do it. We will be respectful to homeowners and property because we value the work that you have put in to own your house.

Temecula, CA