Surge Protection

This is a picture of a surge protection service.

Surge protectors are common throughout your home and they are designed to protect valuables from an unexpected, large volume of electricity that approaches it. The surge protector will trip closed when it senses the power increase which will prevent the electricity from frying your valuables. Nearly every laptop computer has a surge protector built into the charger. But what about your refrigerator, stove, and outlets without surge protectors? There are surge protections for your home that can be installed near the breaker to protect your larger appliances. Anything plugged into your system will be protected from home surge protection.

What is Home Surge Protection?

Any electronics in your home are at risk when a surge hits your system. A home protection system is installed at the circuit breaker where it will monitor the current passing into and out of your home. The neighbor next door who is always doing weird things in his garage could very well be preparing the local grid for the next major surge that emanates from his home. Your home would be in a prime location. Luckily, our surge protection is sitting at the portal to your home where it will shut down the surge before it overloads your system.

Is it Necessary?

A surge protection system is like buying insurance. It is greatly appreciated at the point that a serious event occurs. Whether your home needs one or not is largely situational, but it is a good idea for everyone who values their electronics. If you have the crazy neighbor who is always overloading the grid, then it is a good idea to have a surge protector installed. Neighborhoods with aged homes are more vulnerable to power surges. And there are many other situations that we can evaluate to determine if it is necessary for your home.

Always Working

Your surge protector is working while you are sleeping. After all, a surge doesn’t always end with the destruction of your appliances. It can also lead to a full system fire that engulfs your house. The cost of the installation is minimal when compared to the damage that can occur from not having a surge protector. A surge protector will keep watch over your home so that you can rest easy at night knowing that your family is safe from fire. As the surge hits, your protection system will shut everything down and keep you and your appliances in-tact.

Quick Install

Our electricians have installed hundreds of surge protectors. They are, what you would call, experts. We are equipped with very experience that make installations quick and easy. This isn’t a brag but is a reassurance that you know you are getting the best when you hire us. There won’t be hours wasted, that you pay for by our electricians tinkering around, trying to learn as they go. No, our staff is ready from the moment they arrive on your property and they will work diligently to ensure that no time is wasted, and the surge protection is installed promptly.

Temecula, CA