Wiring Services

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Wiring services is a broad term that may be confusing since it is generally thought that electricians only run wiring. The wiring services that we offer entail everything from updating a building with the appropriate gauge wiring to running wire through a new build. We do wiring, by using a systematic approach. Multiple colors and sizes of wires can be easy to confuse as it starts to cross over. The maze of wires that slinks through homes will become lost on one another if there isn’t a clear plan. We have the years of experience to ensure that we properly fix, install, or update your wiring.

Updated Systems

Older homes are likely running antiquated wiring that is not designed for the demands of the modern world. Improperly gauged wiring won’t be able to handle the current that is attempting to pass through it. This can lead to hot wires, worn insulation, and fire danger. Don’t take this risk by having us evaluate your wiring. We will look through the entire schematic to ensure that every piece of wiring is updated so that it can keep up with the demands that you are placing on it. Let us evaluate what we can do for your system update.

Proper Insulation

Occasionally, workers cut corners when they are building homes. Hypothetically, an electrician that was building your home ran out of the right wire, so he ran a small section of the wrong wire to finish wiring up your outlet. Now, that section is experiencing an enormous amount of stress as it attempts to keep up with the demands being placed on it. As the insulation weakens, the wiring can begin to spark and lead to shortages in your home or a fire. If this is fixed early enough, then we can guarantee an immediate improvement in safety and efficiency.

New Buildings

New homes or commercial property can benefit from our expert wiring services. The building codes for electricians is monumental, and it is overwhelming for many. Our staff is very knowledgeable on the regulations and will install the wiring in your new building to meet those standards. Alleviate the worry that you are going to fail the inspection from the city inspector by using us to install the wiring in the entire building. We are skilled with a systematic approach to our wiring installation. Our system lets us be certain that we never miss an area of your wiring.

Quality Work

We put customer satisfaction as the most important factor in our business. Our goal is to provide quality work at every job. When we do a full wiring system overhaul, we will double check our work to be certain that we have followed the regulations of modern building code. After we leave the jobsite, we will depart with the confidence that the job was done right, and no repair work will be required. Although, we will patiently await the phone calls from satisfied customers for repeat work. Check out our new panel upgrades services.

Temecula, CA